Company and brand analysis
A well-thought-out strategy allows the company to achieve market leadership
Implementation in three steps
based on opportunities and taking into account the strengths and weaknesses of the company
Product and Marketing
create a sustainable competitive advantage through all possible sources of advertising
identify the target audience and competitors, draw up an action plan to increase competitiveness
Retaining a user requires
Quality product
this includes both design and usability of the site itself
Chips to hold
so that the user spends more time on the site. For example, articles, etc.
Everyone loves gifts. As an example - promo codes
Online support
for quick response and troubleshooting. Possibly with a chatbot
the more people use product, the easier it is to bring new users
in order for the company to be associated with positive
Integrated digital marketing
Uses all opportunities and channels, and all suitable tools are used. The breadth of coverage is universal.
We believe that the best vitamins and minerals come from nature, not from a lab!
Scheme of Analysis
Essence, values ​​and key thought
Brand content
Distinctive characteristics, methods and types of sales
Client avatar, potential target audience
Pain and benefit of the client
Emotional component
The tone of all messages
Format of communication with audience representatives in different channels
Triggers and ways to sell
Brand Image
Key parameters of position and visualization
Who are they?
My conclusions
Traffic sources
Each source is complementary to each other.
Targeted advertising
Advertising in social networks for different user groups. We segment the target audience. We also add retargeting here - showing ads to users who have already visited the site / landing page, or who have come into contact with the audience.
Google Ads (contextual advertising)
Advertising in search results, contextual media networks, promotion of YouTube videos.
Video Marketing
Creating your own video content and posting it online, primarily on YouTube.
Content Marketing
By creating high-quality and relevant content, we interest and attract users.
Email marketing, newsletters, push notifications
Building your database of contacts. Work with her through email newsletters with promotions, digests and offers.
Creation and promotion of communities, posts, work with opinion leaders. This also includes work with the audience in messengers.
Current Site Performance

broadcasting the idea of ​​our brand
Online store which selling own line of multivitamins
“make NATURELO natural supplements available to everyone in the world in a safe, convenient and affordable way.”
Key Features
Average prices on the market, convenient division into categories, clean ingredients, original protein bars,
All over the world, NATURELO is helping people live healthier lives with premium whole food nutrition that`s convenient, affordable and accessible to all
Brand symbols
Green color and focus on the organic nature of the product in all "touches" with a potential client

Brand content
characteristics of the product that the consumer will use
Distinctive characteristics of goods
Own production, innovation, natural ingredients, customer focus, clean label
Pricing strategy
average market price, price retention. Not enough special offers
Terms of promotions and promotions
no EU customs charges and free delivery for orders over 50€
Ways to promote a product
Amazon and Google Ads only
Ways to sell goods
Own online store, Amazon store
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describe the target audience and the portrait of the buyer
Client avatar
Primarily women - 70%, there is a percentage of men, and it is significant - 30%

Income level - average and above.
Target audience segments
Women/men who watch their diet
Parents of minor children
"Beginners" in the use of vitamins
Location of target audience
United Kingdom, Netherlands, France, Malaysia, India
if we take it globally - the whole world
What guides the customer when buying
Naturalness and quality of the product, confirmation that the product is "pure". Completeness of product description, photo/video content, delivery speed and pricing.
Promotions, special offers, and exciting and relevant activities with the audience have a positive effect!

a set of product features that meet customer needs
Key user pains
Questionable product quality, fear of "making things worse" or being poisoned, bought reviews, choosing the wrong product, too expensive a price segment
What does the customer think about your products?
I love these the organic Vitafusion multi. I have an autoimmune disease and these for me have been fantastic

First of all, I love these vitamins! They are yummy, and now I don't have to gag everytime I take my vitamin.

These things work!
What pains can a brand solve?
Get the right amount of useful vitamins in a convenient form
Help people get healthier
Give a burst of energy
How to make the product more profitable for the client
Multiple jar sets
flexible discount system
instant offers

describe the feelings and emotions that connect the consumer with the brand
What does the client feel when the need is not closed

Discomfort, desire to improve health, loss of strength and health

How should a customer feel when interacting with a brand?
Ease of use, satisfaction with the product, burst of energy
How to adapt marketing to consumer emotions
With the help of a content strategy that would include the visualisation of positive emotions from the use of brand products. Photo, video and bright copywriting combined with the right “tone of voice” will bring a more significant percentage of sales from social networks.

How is the end-user service?
Favourable temporary price/promotion
positive feedback from real users
mention of the purity of the product
convenience and ease of ordering
safety of use
delivery speed
correct positioning of the brand in digital channels
Selling methods
Online store
Social networks
Placement of products in offline stores
Partnership with thematic exhibitions and presentations
Pain\Reasons to buy
Desire to help the immune system
A real opportunity to get a portion of the necessary vitamins
On-the-go product use case
You can choose other products from the nearest store
Need to try something else before buying
Fear of hurting yourself
Distrust of the this type of product
Communication channels
Blog on the site, social networks, e-mail, YouTube channel, Amazon

Brand Image
what image exists around the company
Brand image
Friendly company, which promotes a healthy lifestyle through its products. The company's connection with nature and its values ​​can be traced in colours and visuals.
Brand position in relation to customers
Our customers’ health and happiness is our highest priority, and it shows in everything we do
Brand intonation
Clear, not wordy and concise form of presentation of text and information
Key visualization parameters
Green color prevails, an associative array with eco-friendly is being built
Brand development prospects
There are all prerequisites for growth and expansion - a unique product and good reviews. Need to work on marketing and incoming traffic and build a competent content strategy on social networks and a blog.
What does the brand promote?
The best nutrition comes from nature! Supplements are free of GMOs, preservatives, and common allergens like gluten, dairy, and soy. This is important for those consumers who care about their health!

what are the competitors and how are the brands similar
Our brand identity

There is a clear personal brand with an exciting idea, mission and background. This is something that can be monitored with proper use. You need to talk more about production and the product itself and be in touch with current and potential customers.

What are our shortcomings?

No constant incoming traffic
No branded video content and presentation videos
No social media
How become more competitive?
Constantly be in touch with your audience and customers through promotions, offers. You also need to be useful not only in terms of products, but also information!
My conclusions
After analyzing the brand, I identified several weaknesses and strengths, and also developed several recommendations for further work!
Really interesting and quality product
This guarantees that customers will come back and wait for new products from the brand and have a positive attitude towards innovations!
Full description of the product card
This will be appreciated by those who are just getting acquainted with the brand's product line. Information is also vital outside online stores, where the client "loves" and chooses with his eyes.
Brand with history
In the current world of brands, storytelling is dominating.
Photo content of product
There are gaps in the conduct and content of the channel. From this source, you can attract users interested in your product. By giving helpful advice, we can convert them into loyal audiences!
Complete absence from social networks and blogs
A competent presence on Facebook/Instagram/YouTube, etc., is essential in conveying the company's values, announcing the news, and warming up for a purchase. Similarly, before buying, all new and potential buyers get acquainted with products using convenient tools, which are social networks.
Working with current clients
As for me, there is not enough loyalty system for existing customers. It is also possible to add a gamification system that encourages you to shop for other products more often!
What we propose to do
Social Media Marketing
The absence of this type of channel is a severe "gap". Warm traffic comes from social networks, which are already familiar and interested in the product and is ready to buy it. Also, with the help of Instagram / Facebook, we can convey usefulness and necessary information to the target audience, which is growing daily. We offer:
  • content strategy
  • maintenance and support of pages on Instagram/Facebook etc
  • setting up and maintaining Facebook Ads to attract new subscribers
  • Activity and gamification of the audience
Google Ads
Any business needs well-configured incoming traffic. And we will be happy to help with this :)
Development and launch of an advertising campaign:
  • We analyse the site and prepare a list of key phrases
  • Compiling advertisements
  • Define a list of negative keywords
  • We set up and launched an advertising campaign
  • We develop a campaign for the Google
  • We launch retargeting (accompanying advertising; allows you to increase the conversion due to the subsequent offer to buyers who visited the site but refused to purchase)
  • Control the optimal rates
  • Control the optimal positions
  • Disable irrelevant keywords
  • A/B testing of ads (several ad titles and several ad texts are periodically combined in different ways to create the most optimal and effective ad)
  • Control the budgets of advertising campaigns

Win leading positions in the search and increase the reach of users with SEO website promotion. By optimising and creating value for both the consumer and the search engine, we bring your project to the TOP of results for targeted queries, which include the semantic core of your site and increase traffic, which allows you to compensate for the cost of promotion in the end, with the growth of positions and brand awareness, the reach of the audience increases. Get an optimised website that will generate profit.

  • We analyse the resource and the industry, based on which we develop a business promotion strategy or adjust an existing one.
  • We analyse your competitors.
  • We adjust the site's structure according to working requests (without zero demand) according to the collected semantic core.
  • Write meta tags.
  • We publish effective promotional content
  • We develop a link strategy, collect a database of donors and build up a link mass.
  • Set up page relinking.
  • We test usability, work on the visual component of the site
  • We conduct an audit of commercial factors.
  • We evaluate the effectiveness of the work after each stage.
  • We provide a report of the work performed
Sample Action Plan
Creation and approval of the general concept
This includes a topic rubricator, tone of voice, overall style and look.
Technical preparation
Access, pixel binding, end-to-end analytics
General launch of advertising campaigns and work on the brand
Analysis and edits
We cut and analyse data on traffic and work. We make changes, draw conclusions and bring improvements.
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